President's Message

A key focus for Vision 2030 is on creating an environment that unlocks business opportunities, broadens the economic base, and creates additional jobs for all those interested in working for Dalma Tech² Company. Opportunities and the country of Saudi Arabia will attempt to achieve this by leveraging its unique location and potential, attracting the best talent, and increasing global investment. The openness of the Kingdom for business will boost productivity and facilitate its journey to becoming one of the largest economies in the world. The Kingdom will improve its business environment, restructure economic cities, create special zones, and deregulate the energy market to make it more competitive.


Innovate and modernize. Saudi Arabia’s dynamism has always been at the heart of Dalma Tech² Company’s strategic advantage. To tackle emerging challenges, we are modernizing every aspect of the company from utilization of local resources to our international relationships, from competitive ideology to our engineering ingenuity. We are also accelerating the inclusion of advanced technologies to deliver new capabilities to our customer base. Finally, to strengthen Dalma Tech² Company’ s competitive edge further, we are making intrinsic investments in knowledge-base and engineering, a once-in-a-generation investment in our people and our capabilities base, and much more.


Growing our talent to remain the strongest in our competitive world. This requires that we recruit and retain the best of Saudi Arabia. That means building pathways of opportunity for all qualified candidates who choose to enhance their business experience. We will deepen the company’s partnerships with Saudi Arabia’s best universities. We will continue to make investments in training our personnel in the areas of technology, engineering, and innovativeness. We will provide exceptional opportunities for professionals while building a company with resilience and readiness.


Dalma Tech² Company will continue to work closely with our friends around the world. Focusing on excellence and long-term sustainability, this approach builds collective intelligence on the basis of mutual trust and respect for others. It helps us form a common vision of the issues we face, share meaningful information with others, understand the risks involved and find the innovative, proactive responses that our stakeholders expect. Driven by a common vision of our business and its collective role in Saudi Arabia, and empowered by the irreproachable ethical conduct of each employee, we are contributing actively and collectively to the long-term sustainability and performance of Dalma Tech² Company.


The success of Dalma Tech² Company is inextricably linked with the success of our customers, employees, Saudi Arabia, and environment. We have only one objective: to ensure our clients mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, in a cost-effective manner. Our approach ensures that vital and important projects are executed within budget and on schedule. Dalma Tech² Company clients come to us with confidence that we have the expertise to take service delivery to the next level of performance.

Kevin W. Cushing
President, CEO
Dalma Tech² Company