President's Message

At Dalma Tech² Company, our mission is to solve complex challenges, advance the companies project resume, align ourselves with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 initiatives, and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their mission and contract goals. We advance this vital mission by producing 21st century capabilities that preserve security, enable international commerce and expand knowledge of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

While innovation has always been the lifeblood of Dalma Tech² Company, the foundation of our continued success will always be a commitment to our Core Values—To Do What’s Right, Respect for our Customers and Perform with Excellence.

These same values underpin Dalma Tech² Company’s sustainability and Management Plan, which provides a roadmap to build a more sustainable enterprise and ensure that we can continue to carry out our vital mission well into the future. Over the past five years, the plan has centered around five core issues: Business Integrity, Employee Well-Being, Performance Impact, Resource Efficiency and Information Security.

As we evaluate the progress on our ambitious 2030 goals, we are also embarking on a journey toward a new Sustainability Management Plan with updated Sustainability Priorities and 2030 goals. These are aligned with our business strategy and ongoing commitment to perform above-and-beyond contract obligations that will help Dalma Tech² Company propel itself for responsible growth.

The events of the past year were a stark reminder of the importance of building a sustainable corporation. Our company’s resiliency and strong financial footing enabled us to continue to deliver on our customers’ critical programs while also adhering to the responsibilities set forth by the Government of Saudi Arabia in the fight against COVID. During 2021, Dalma Tech² Company demonstrated how the company continued to advance our sustainability goals in the midst of an extraordinarily challenging year defined by a global pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dalma Tech² Company continued its contractual responsibilities without compromising the health of our employee’s. Our employees applied their innovation and sense of responsibility to deliver on our contracts without hindering mission requirements or comprising schedule obligations.

Dalma Tech² Company’s demonstrated history of serviceability and commitment to advancing our Core Corporate Values makes us a powerful force to build a better company and partner. The challenges we faced over the past year underscored the importance of a collective sense of shared purpose. With sustainability properly integrated with our business strategy, I am confident that we will effectively pursue our vital mission for decades to come.


Kevin W. Cushing
President, CEO