Strategic Acquisitions and Technology Procurement

Strategic Acquisitions and Technology Procurement (SATP) is represented by Dalma Tech² professionals who manage and deliver strategic procurement planning, advice and complex procurement implementation services for major acquisitions across government and the broader public sector. When providing SATP, Dalma Tech²’ objectives as simple; they are:

  • Deliver High Quality consulting and advisory services on complex and strategic opportunities for government and the public sector
  • Develop more innovative, risk-free, and flexible procurement methods to reflect trends in the public and private sectors
  • Research and develop new products and services for new or emerging markets

Dalma Tech²’s SATP can provide ongoing procurement advisory services to a wide variety of clients encompassing projects of a general nature (e.g. designing and establishing qualified supplier’s listings, Request for Proposals, etc.) through to more complicated or non-routine procurements.