Engineering & Technical Support

Experience the confidence of Dalma Tech² on your team. Dalma Tech²’s Engineering and Technical Support Services helps you maintain higher availability and system performance with project operations, transitional maintenance, support and managed services; and robust, flexible service-level options designed to prevent problems and resolve issues quickly while retaining a cost competiveness edge.

Dalma Tech²’s qualified engineers have the capabilities to strengthen your current engineering team, or to step in as your proxy engineering department whenever occasion requires. Our team is ready to step in to mentor and assist younger engineers, and to act as a sounding board for more experienced employees. Whether your employees require frequent engineering guidance, or just need help reviewing and approving designs, Dalma Tech² can fill the gap.

Our experienced Engineers have worked with a wide variety of industries in the past, in a countless number of scenarios. Some of our clients request long-term engineering consulting, and others only require assistance on a single project. No matter the length of our relationship, Dalma Tech² aims to give your company confidence in their engineering capabilities.

Technical support services are being strategically outsourced by Dalma Tech² as global companies discover the benefits of access to an experienced team of specialists with the added benefits of improved service quality, lower costs and reduced risk. You can outsource technical support services to Dalma Tech², secure in the knowledge that a pool of trained and experienced engineers and technicians are available 24 x 7 to provide your customers technical support, while preserving needed levels of quality.